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Why Choose Gulf Coast Direct Primary Care?


  • One low monthly fee provides access to your personal physician

  • No additional copays or deductibles to pay our office

  • Save time and expense of unnecessary ER or urgent care

  • Less chance of needing ER or hospital care

  • Predictable and transparent primary care costs


Convenience and Peace of Mind

  • Flexible scheduling for office visits, including evenings and weekends

  • Same day or next day appointments 

  • Easily and quickly communicate with physician or staff via text, cell phone, email, and patient portal.

  • Avoid taking time off - phone and Skype consultations when medically appropriate

  • All visits and procedures always with your own personal doctor



  • Trusted doctor who knows you individually

  • More time with primary care can result in less need and costs for specialists

  • Help navigating the complex health system and finding the lowest cost medications

  • Integrated primary care & coordinated care with specialists


Preventive Care

  • More time to address multiple concerns and complex issues

  • Address issues before they worsen

  • Emphasis on lifestyle changes + prevention – identifying issues that may lead to problems later on

  • Individualized approach to cancer and disease screenings

  • Streamline and minimize medication use

What Does Direct Primary Care (DPC) Offer?

For those with a high deductible health plan or no insurance at all, Direct Primary Care offers significant cost savings over conventional doctor office visits.  Our low monthly price is far lower than most routine visits at a doctor office or urgent care.  Even patients with conventional insurance can benefit from DPC.  Rather than paying copays and deductibles, one monthly fee covers all of your primary healthcare needs.

Chronic Disease Management*
High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis and many other chronic conditions can be managed effectively by your PCP.


Since the majority of your follow-up visits are included in your membership, and because we are able to get steeply discounted labs, chronic disease management becomes very affordable. Should you require a specialist’s care, we will refer you to a qualified physician who can manage your medical condition.

Acute Care*
We provide same or next-day care for urgent medical issues including sprains, strains, colds, urinary infections, acute illnesses and more.

Any service that is provided in our office is done at no additional cost, including minor procedures, joint injections, EKGs, spirometry, and appropriate in-house testing, such as urinalysis, strep throat testing, influenza testing.

Laboratory Tests*
To ensure high quality and accuracy, tests are processed off-site at our national laboratory partner. You can pay for these labs through your insurance company, or you can receive a steep discount through your membership.

Specialist Care Coordination*
If you need to see a specialist, your physician will coordinate your referral, correspond with your specialist about your treatment and will work with you to manage your after-care.

And much more....

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