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Cynthia Davey, PhD, LMHC

Cynthia Davey PhD

Dr. Cynthia Davey has over 20 years of diverse experience in assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental health concerns. She uses a multi-system approach to patient care, incorporating the influence and support of family structure, school setting, work environment, and the community.   

Frequently Asked Questions: 


What is a Psychological Evaluation?

A psychological evaluation is a mental health assessment performed by a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist that checks to see if you are experiencing a mental health problem. The doctor determines what information and battery of testing to use based on the specific questions being asked.


Why is Psychological Testing Beneficial?

Psychological assessments involving the use of comprehensive psychometric measures are the most under-utilized elements in mental health. They can act as both a lens and a lever assisting in a unique perspective on relevant issues while also highlighting where and how therapy needs to be focused. Testing brings insight, clarity of focus, and opportunity for patients and doctors to engage in an open and powerful way. Testing can help improve the quality of care.


Member price - Initial visit $100, follow-up visits $75/ session 

Non-Member price- Initial visit $200, follow-up visits $135/ session

Psychological Evaluations:


Complete Neuro Psychological Evaluation  - $1300

A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation will help identify how a neurological or psychological condition is impacting behavior, cognitive abilities, and everyday functioning. Helpful for diagnosis and treatment planning for dementia and traumatic brain injury. The evaluation can assist with diagnosis issues between brain-behavior relationships, understanding how the injury will impact day-to-day functioning, as well as guide treatment and rehabilitation planning. 


Neuro-Developmental Evaluation - $1200 


A neurodevelopmental evaluation is a comprehensive set of tests designed to assess all aspects of a child’s development, including cognition, language, motor, behavioral and social skills.


Parental Fitness Evaluation - $1500 


A parental fitness assessment is a specialized psychological evaluation, typically ordered by a court, and used to assess the capacity of a parent to parent their children. This is not a custody evaluation but instead a formal investigation that attempts to assess the level of respective parenting skills. The assessment includes psychological testing, clinical interviews, and parent/child observations.


Offender Risk Assessment  - $1800 


An offender risk assessment is an evaluation of an offender’s overall risk of sexual reoffense. A risk assessment does not determine innocence or guilt but uses validated means of testing to determine risk of the offender to the community and to provide recommendations to the court or attorneys.

Dr. Davey was a research-clinical member of the Association for Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) and routinely provided comprehensive assessments and cognitive-behavioral treatment to juvenile and adult sexual offenders with Family Alliance Sex Offender Treatment Program for a decade.

Mental Health Specialized Screening:


  • Brief Mental Health Screening - $150

  • Personality Inventory

$549 Member Rate $649 Non-member

This type test reveals information about individuals’ social traits, motivations, strengths and weaknesses, and attitudes. It can be helpful to know yourself and understand how your personality plays a role in social interactions, career, or family dynamics.


  • Depression/ Anxiety/ Bipolar Disorder

$449 Member Rate $549 Non-member

Identify if you are experiencing clinically significant anxiety or depression. This assessment also comes with general recommendations on how to manage everyday stress.


  • Adult ADHD.

$449 Member Rate $549 Non-Member

Many people only learn that they have ADHD when they become adults. Some find out after their children receive the diagnosis. For others, the symptoms finally outpace their coping skills, causing significant problems in their daily life. This includes recommendations for staying focused and completing tasks.


  • Substance Abuse Screen

$449 Member Rate $549 Non-Member

This battery helps to identify problematic patients who are at risk for abuse and dependency issues with prescription and nonprescription drugs. It is important to identify your level of risk using genetics, environment, dual diagnosis, early use, drug choice, and method of use. This helps identify risk of developing an addiction or problematic behaviors. If risk level is elevated, strategies to avoid addiction will be provided.


  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

$449 Member Rate $549 Non-Member

Have you witnessed or experienced a traumatic event? Do you know about: intrusive memories; negative changes in thinking and moods; avoidance symptoms; or changes in physical emotional reactions? Seeking a diagnosis and learning about the four categories listed above is an essential step in recovering from PTSD.

About Dr. Davey

Dr. Cynthia Davey has over 20 years of diverse experience in assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental illness. She uses a multi-systemic approach with the treatment of patients. This means she incorporates the influence and support of family structure, school setting, work environment, as well as a community when building a treatment plan and managing problematic behavior. Dr. Davey utilizes an eclectic approach including cognitive behavioral therapy and other principles and philosophies to create the ideal treatment program to meet the specific needs of the patient. Dr. Davey has assisted clients in shaping the next stages of their lives while coping with complex mental and emotional issues. Her clients have included those with dual-diagnosis, severe and persistent mental health disorders, substance abuse, and victims of trauma and abuse.


Educationally, Dr. Davey received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Harold Abel School of Psychology and an undergraduate in Liberal Arts-Psychology with a specialization in Criminology and Women’s Studies through additional course work at FAU and FGCU. She completed predoctoral and APPIC postdoctoral internships. These trainings along with psychology residency helped her acquire proficiencies as a scientist-practitioner. Dr. Davey has worked in a number of diverse treatment settings. Dr. Davey’s resume includes work in a hospital, juvenile and adult detention facilities, correctional facility, private practices, and multiple family and adult counseling centers. Dr. Davey provides behavioral health services for adolescents and adults as well as children and families in the child welfare system. 


Dr. Davey has a sub-specialization in forensic psychology through addition training and several years of supervised work. She was a Nationally Certified Custody Evaluator through PACE and served as a Research and Clinical member with The Association of Treatment of Sexual Offenders, which ensures standards of education, training, and experience. Dr. Davey has acquired competencies and knowledge that is required for forensic psychological evaluations and to provide adequate and appropriate services to the court. She has routinely testified as an expert in dependency, family, juvenile, and criminal courts. 


Dr. Davey has built a solid reputation for her expertise in providing objective and comprehensive assessments conducted on a timely basis. Dr. Davey is skilled in providing a number of psychological evaluations.

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